Resident DJ's

james ware

James Ware

James Ware has been playing other people's music around town for over ten years. Holding residencies at clubs such as One Six One, Mink Bar, George Lane, White Bar, Bond Bar and The Loft. The music he selects to play for disco dancing ranges from deep house to indie depending on how people's feet seem to be reacting to his music. He loves the flashing lights of the One Six One dance floor and sometimes gets mesmerised my them... His goal in life is to get them flashing in time to the music. A feat not yet achieved. James has been working in the music industry for over ten years and currently works for artist management company Forum 5. Amongst other things at Forum 5, he has been responsible for commissioning all the Bertie Blackman remixes. Please make sure you request current top 40 songs from him. He loves that.

lewie day

Lewie Day

Lewie can best be described in two words: humble, gifted. Skinny but not starving, Lewie has fed the appetite of listeners worldwide with something different. Utilising knowledge from a host of genres, he has forged an individual and honest sound with more than just gunshots and the odd cow bell.

Touting releases on German house labels including 8 Bit and Dirt Crew, and receiving play from the likes of Laurent Garnier, Jimpster and Nick Curly, Lewie’s production conveys an expertise that is highly sought after overseas. When asked where he wants to go with his career, Lewie will humbly saunter down the track of ‘I just want to be writing music’. While most musicians and DJs are dreaming of the next line they’ll try to snort off a hooker’s crack, Lewie is finding time to pursue his dream and talent without ever being compromised on his road to stardom.

Mike Buhl

Mike Buhl

Not that long ago, in the musical micro-cosmos of Melbourne, Mike Buhl (TV) slinked into venues as a new dj with an original take on the sounds de jour. At the time, Chicago and West Coast house filled the airwaves of local boutique clubs and bars. Progressive house was tapering off and Electro began its unrelenting grasp on the club scene. Wired with an ear for sound evolution, Mike drew together the elements that moved him from the local melting pot of styles while keeping his finger on the pulse of overseas. Out of this he fused his own tech house blend and forged ahead as a dj playing sophisticated beats, providing audiences with a preview of what's now and what's next.



Hoops is a music lover! Enjoying music in all its forms, his passion extends past the decks, being a competent drummer & bass player before taking up the turntables in late 2005. Watching and listening to the likes of Spirit Catcher, Inland Knights, Ben Watt, Mark Farina were important influences early on and the development of his unique blend of deep, funky and tech house has seen him play many well received shows all over Melbourne. Playing alongside some of the best local and international talents in recent years has provided the motivation and inspiration to continue to do what he does best—play music!



Music is not optional for Rowie, nor is dancing for the club goers who fill the floor at the many residencies and festivals this methodically captivating spinner plays. In fact, in the seven years since the talented DJ first played his maiden professional gig, there’s been an indefinable magnetism that’s drawn beat geeks and party kids alike to the dancefloor. It’s a deft talent that’s seen him entrenched as one of Melbourne’s A-list DJs, and a prodigious industry all-rounder whose drive and passion to cultivate quality, hip-shaking fun ensures his popularity continues to snowball.