A little club called onesixone

About onesixone…

Onesixone has been the centre of Melbourne’s creative and eclectic underground night scene for nearly 10 years now and there is no sign of this changing.  At a time when the super clubs of the nineties were failing, St Kilda had become as expensive (and some would say, conservative) as Armadale and the last of the uber cool underground clubs had closed, onesixone was born on a corner that was in disrepair and surrounded by cheap stores and interesting people.

The goal of the venue was to create a space that encouraged creative thought and discussion whilst saving part of it for the kind of party that Melbourne’s underground was famous for. After much thought and through intelligent design, these goals have been achieved with a venue that provides cosy corners where lounging and conversation feel almost obligatory whilst the other end of the space is home to the most famous dance-floor in the country. The sound system is of the highest quality—(French/German NEXO equipment throughout) ensuring fully adjustable, hi-fidelity sound in every area, set to a level appropriate to each space.

The furnishings are comfortable and flexible, allowing guests to arrange different areas to suit themselves in an organic and creative way. Axminster carpet, antique timbers and beautiful light fittings add to the comfort and luxury while the application of each has been cleverly utilised to ensure the ultimate acoustic treatment of the space. Newest additions to the venue include a stunning rooftop bar with outdoor lounge and a ground level cocktail lounge /conversation space.

Fine details such as the creative use of old school (or lo-tech) lighting effects, projections, the original 70’s flashing dance floor, the gorgeous bathrooms, air-conditioning/heating, miscellaneous fish tanks and some of the best service to be found adds up to a venue that will continue to lead the night time experience and will remain as something that should not be missed!

We have been asked, many times, how we continue to be a success in such a cut throat industry and our answer remains—we love this business and we continue to show this by working hard to provide the best possible experience for our guests. We stick to the simple principles of hospitality with consistency and we gather people around us who are friendly, creative, dedicated and loyal. This is our recipe and one we plan to stay with.